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tv   KRON 4 Evening News  KRON  January 4, 2012 5:00pm-7:00pm PST

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covering this story she joins us live with the details >>reporter: this was quite a story i want to focus your attention on where this all took place. see that house right there next to the crime tape where the officers are still working the scene, is the 10 brown two-story home. but it is the home of jay le'one. police say this a violent confrontation all started when the suspect it in the victim's front door that is shown here and injured the home. >> we are still trying to figure out at this point we believe he heard of someone hold this--into his front door. he was then held captive. it and then all sudden gunfire exchange occurred. >>reporter: the victim identified as 900 j e the
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owner--and the nine he also tends0-- jay leone friday opened fire on the suspect. this marked the suspect blood after being shot he fled the house. >> to our understanding he tried to drive away. three he is under arrest right now and in our custody. he is recovering from surgery but he will be charged with a minimum of burglary and the school sent intent to murder. i believe he is still some things on his way out. like asset, to have a search warrant for the vehicle. it looks like is stolen property but we cannot be a chore. >>reporter: you are looking at a live picture here, in
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the suspect has been identified as sam you won't he is 30 years old and he lives in both navato and the victims tried to-- >> i saw the main entrance door of his house was blocked with a chair. at that point, i knew that something was very wrong. so i try to go and call 911 and get out of there. i hope the the good condition. i am thinking that he is smiling and proud of themselves and he can definitely she. he was a fighter in the second world war. >>reporter: back here live
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with a listing to the sergeant and he's telling us that they will actually open the road. the sheeting shut down the road at about 11:00 a.m. this morning. authorities say they have gathered enough evidence so that they can't open this up to residence. this is a developing story as we speak. you can see the authorities walking down the street. they will start tearing down the crime scene tape and allow residents to return back to this neighborhood that has been shut down almost all day long. >>catherine: it child porn suite in san jose has made it is for arrest. this is the latest in the series of arrests. dan kerman is live on the scene. >>reporter: this is the latest in a series of bus by the internet crime children's task force. let me show the 4 people arrested today. none of them
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are connected, however police say that they are all arrested right now for possession of child pornography. police say the focus on those that were trading video or pictures on the internet involving young children having sex with adults. officers told us how they track those people down. >> we go on the internet just like anyone else would using a modified version of the same software. and then we essentially asked him for child pornography in than they deliver that to us to the internet. and once we have that that will do we are able to take the evidence to the judge in a search warrant. >>reporter: san jose police officers showed off their mobile vans. this allows them to bring this to the property where they are arresting someone and then they can check the actual computer right at the scene to see if it has child pornography on it. they say this is much quicker and otherwise they would have to send the commute--send the
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computer off to a lab in that could take three months to a year. the 4 people arrested today could take anywhere from three months to one year behind bars. reporting live in san jose i am dead curve and with kron4 news. >>catherine: after nearly 18 hours, and then was hiding on the hillside since being caught in the act of robbing a nearby apartment. he jumped over the rail and scramble down around 5:30 p.m. last night. he is still there and we explain what is being done to fight him. >>reporter: this eastern slope was illuminated by lights all night long while dozens of police including a swat team searched the perimeter. they use eight thermal imaging device that picked up the suspect halfway down the hillside inside of this big brush. fire crews or at the ready just in case the man needed rescuing the police make contact with the suspects several times during the 18 hour standoff.
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>> we made it clear that will be glad to help him get down off the hillside if he wanted. right now, the man seems to have an area on the hillside and he moves around on comfortably. he does not appear to be in any distress are any particular danger. >>reporter: just after 11:00 a.m. the yellow caution tape was taken down in a much smaller number officers were left to stake out the area around the hillside this posed too great of a risk for the police to go after him while the suspect did not seem to be armed or an immediate threat to anyone else. >> at this point he is refusing help and we do not want to be chasing him around a steep terrain up there. we will catch him he is in a position high on a hillside in we do not want to do anything to make that situation worse. >>jacqueline: temperatures are a lot warmer out there today than we expected. take a look at our current conditions we have 69
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degrees and now view, 66 in los gatos and 67 in livermore, and 66 in concord. temperatures at this hour are up 13 degrees in half moon bay, a 11 degrees warmer in redwood city and 13 degrees warmer in mountain view. we have some cloud coverage starting to stream in from the south. we will get more cloud coverage when the storm passes us to the north. we will see a few areas of fall out there tomorrow morning. the weather will stick with us through the rest of the week and the rest of next week. we will take it that your extended forecast coming up. >>catherine: the police are looking for a the people
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who vandalized and stole from the hayward day laborer at center. >> i think this was a crime of opportunity. they were just looking to steal something that they could sell. >>reporter: this is the director of the hayward day labor center he is trying to put the pieces of the center back together after it was robbed and vandalize in the early hours on new year's day. >> when we came here all of our computers were gone. we have supplies from our health program that we used to take people's temperature and blood pressure and things of that sort. we have some of the supplies that are missing. this is one of the couches that was vandalized. they just tore it up in a mean-spirited way for no reason. everything in here was taken. all of the gardening equipment is missing. >>reporter: even though
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booking kiosk from the hayward library was vandalized. >> they were trying to fix it but we do not think it is working. the community knows the work that we do so we are looking for support from the community to be able to help get back to where we were at. >>reporter: as he searches for his calendar on his battered desk only once intimate comes to mind. >> happy new year. >>catherine: the first casualties of the election season and then have the iowa caucus will help to shape the 2012 president's campaign. >> we forgot to congratulate him on his landslide victory last night. >>catherine: we find out why german authorities want to get their hands on the arson suspect. and we tell you
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>>catherine: this is in 2012, by iowa--goodbye iowa and hello new hampshire. basic and place finish in the tent at sea was born turn out >> i have decided to stand aside. fifth place perry decided to risk stay out of sight but not out of the race. he tweeted he we come south carolina.
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>> i am excited i feel a sense of energy. >>catherine: mit romney picked up an endorsement from the man who beat him four years ago. john mccain, but joked about his victory in the iowa caucus. >> we forgot to congratulate him on his landslide victory last night. game on. >>reporter: rick santorum seem energized by his strong second place finish. the next two candidates were notching up their rhetoric. ron paul called hawk. >> when he was called to serve this with he thought about danger, he chickened out and got deferments and he didn't even go. >>reporter: new gingrich is calling mit romney a liar. >> i find it amazing that the news media continues to say he is the most
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electable republican when he cannot even bring dad and his own party. >>catherine: a poll from last night shows no change for mit romney or ron paul for rick santorum doubled his support the next voting is next tuesday. police in texas have shot and killed in a critical out a pellet gun at school. police say it happened just after class's this morning after he punched another student in the face. the school was emitted the clock down. police say the student engages in when they arrived in the open fire. students were later taken to the nearby park where their parents to pick them up. in a new twist in the l.a. arson investigation. how are the man was charged today in dozens of arson her upset over the new year's begin now german authorities want to expedite him for arson and insurance fraud back in germany. the also rested his mother for fraud and
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embezzlement. and they believe that germany fires and the l.a. fires might be connected to his mother's ill legal troubles. and in oklahoma police say the teenager with a newborn baby shot and killed a suspect breaking in. she called 911 and she told the dispatcher that she had to guns and she asked if she could shoot them the dispatcher told her to protect herself and her baby. she gives you the burger--young woman gave birth to her son in october and her husband died on christmas day of cancer. she said she never weather made it if not for help from the dispatcher. and this man says he got food poisoning can at a local restaurant in detroit. he found the chicken head in his chicken strips and a few hours later doctors confirmed that he did have food poisoning. the restaurant apologizing gave the man his money back.
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>>jacqueline: and live outside this evening, we see cloud streaming in but it certainly was a sunny day out there today. temperatures were in little more than we saw yesterday. widespread in the '60s even the upper 60s down and now you. it was 69 there and 69 in livermore. and we have 69 in downtown oakland and 58 at the oakland airport this afternoon. it was 66 in san francisco, 68 in half moon bay the temperatures are a number than what we saw yesterday especially along the peninsula. without the fall in place, but to wait to get to the upper 60s as you saw.--temperatures were able to get up into the upper 60s as you saw. as we head into tomorrow, we will have mild conditions some fault in the delta and places like fairfield. we have partly cloudy skies into the afternoon and a little bit cooler in the
5:18 pm
4:00 hour temperatures. here is a look at satellite and radar pictures. the cloud coverage is starting to stream through to the north of us. we also get a little bit of cloud coverage coming from the south. a combination of these to keep us a little cooler into tomorrow afternoon and in livermore mild into tomorrow morning. 47 oakland, 49 san francisco, we have 44 in san jose to start the day. and into the afternoon, temperatures will still be in the '60s in a number of places just not quite as a norm as we saw today. we have upper 60 for any act in fairfield, 64 of federal and it live in san francisco. her tears in the directing the forecast. we will have some cloud cover to end over then next couple days her-- we will have some cloud coverage moving in over the next couple of days. we may have some changes not this
5:19 pm
weekend and next weekend. we will keep you posted. >>catherine: here are what condition, and how >>reporter: it is a ghost town in tosco, there are some of hotel's rooms but no one is visiting. groups crew if they can't use felt a snowmobile and ski shops are without customers. true to check it out. power from some argue some of them rode have customers but the conditions are not ideal. early january is not what usually is. it feels more like summer often on amounts. it is 61 degrees, this guy is will it be awful. this is not good for the ski business as you can see there is no and the slopes at most places are completely dry. but this is the resort is so dry that a truck and drive along with no problem. look, this note is actually eyes it can be
5:20 pm
found in the spot for the sun does not direct hit the ground everywhere else there is nothing but mud and dry grass. the conditions are unusual for this time of year but it is beautiful. even businesses that depend on the snow are hoping for a late winter storm to blow through so that they can recruit just a little bit of the season. >>catherine: we are looking at the golden gate bridge on this late afternoon. traffic is moving just fine. stay with us, more news after the break.
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>>reporter: investigators in petaluma are trying to figure out how a fire started about 2:30 a.m.. this was the scene hours after the fire was put out. firefighters did manage to
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>>catherine: tim donnelly of twin peaks was cited by the tsa for bringing a loaded gun onto a flight today. there was also some ammunition yet a colt 45 in his carry-on at ontario airport. he said i am sorry he forgot it was there no word on the specific citation he got. we will be right back.
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committed against children in oakland. police are still looking for suspects in other cases. we have kron4 team coverage of the investigations. will get to that in a moment. first, the community is voicing its outbreak of the little boy in oakland. many say there is still a lack of police presence. those who are frustrated include a voice family. >>reporter: 2 oakland housing patrol cars: with then buy it at the international arctic it avenue provide year-old gabriel martinez jr. was shot to death last friday. however, no oakland police cars were visible in the area while i was working on this story. chris something the boy's father is speaking out about in the wake of his son's murder.
5:31 pm
>> cortines is not alone, his son in this east oakland community said they have not seen any additional costs in this area. >> things have not really change, which is see a lot of shooting. violence is still happening and i do not think there will be a change. >> reside pretty much everybody in this neighborhood they pretty much protect themselves. >>reporter: i came here to the oakland police the power to see what they had to say about this. their public information officer declined to comment on camera but she insists that the oakland police department has beefed up their presence in the area surrounding the gabriel martinez jr. shooting. >>catherine: team coverage continues now this is one of the three recent shootings in oakland involving children being killed. only one of the cases has been solved. j.r. stone has more
5:32 pm
on who is behind bars and who is not. >>reporter: who year-old carlos not a, 23 michael hiram lawrence, five year- old gabriel martinez. three oakland kids killed on the street crew--when it comes to catching the suspected shooters, oakland police are one and three. in the carlos a novel case, two men had been arrested in both former felons, both facing arrest it charges and both groups, arrested in las vegas and facing charges later this month to ask for hiram lawrence and gabriel martinez case, there are none. her new from hiram lawrence to a shot was a rap video was being made what people open fire. as a least a question person of interest in the cases they have lin, none to the crime. it now, five days after young gabriel was shot and killed in front of several local no one has been called. there are vague descriptions of the suspect
5:33 pm
and silver american made cars than they were driving. >>catherine: a berkeley man will stand trial. a judge made the decision after dna link to this man to the december attacks. cellphone records show that he was likely somewhere else at the time if convicted he could face 25 years in prison. a manhunt for set according to shut down a san jose neighborhood early this morning. car police used to ground and search teams to look for a man considered armed and dangerous >>reporter: dismiss black honda was the starting point of a manhunt in this neighborhood north of saratoga they started with helicopters and search dogs and after a simple police got turned into a chase. >>pam: the original reason for this couple of minor
5:34 pm
infractions. the vehicle drove slowly for a couple of blocks and was the vehicle did come to a complete stop, the driver of the vehicle ran. two occupants remained inside of the vehicle. a couple hours later we located the suspect just a couple blocks. the men was the rest did and and he was not armed with the authorities acted as if he were. when it was over and around 5:00 a.m., the man went quietly. >> here we go, watch out. >>catherine: a smashing scene on the peninsula a piece of history began to come down today that was outgoing sheriff michael hennessey he christened the wrecking ball that begin
5:35 pm
knocking down county jail three. it opened about the same time as alcatraz in 1934. it closed in 2006 after a federal judge ruled that the conditions violated the constitutional rights. the scherer said that this is something he wants to see since his first campaign back in 1970. >> alcatraz was closed down in 1963. this building continue to operate for another 40 years after alcatraz was shut down. it is the same type of construction the same type of cellblock area. it is something that was way past its prime. >>catherine: he said he ran for sheriff because he believed it was wrong to have working and living in those conditions the historic san francisco seals that hung on the old jail will be put on the new one. their reward promise and return of bananas and the squirrel monkey taken from
5:36 pm
the san francisco zoo is not being handed out just yet. a man walking his dog on sunday said he saw the monkey and put it in his backpack. the zoo offered a $5,000 reward. so far no one is being given any money police say if there is any time there is given a rewarded is a good idea not to just hand over the cash. >> you want to make sure that you have asked all the appropriate questions in the case, and that you have conducted of your interviews. as in this park it in the case, the san francisco zoo is waiting for us to conduct our interview and make sure that we do a thorough report before they want to hand over the road toward korea roof her >>catherine: is to veterans have looked a little sam they say he is in good shape what he is being kept in isolation for a while as a precaution. >>jacqueline: it was certainly warmer out there today in temperatures remain fairly mouth. we have some cloud coverage that is going to help keep temperatures
5:37 pm
warmer overnight. we are still in the '60s in a number of places. 62 in san jose, 62 also in antioch and 61 in napa. let us take a look this storm tracker for radar. we have cloud coverage coming up from the south. there's a storm will to the north. the tilt in will drag up across the bay area through tomorrow. we have partly cloudy skies tomorrow this will keep temperatures of a bit cooler. a glance at tomorrow, areas of fog and we will see most or partly cloudy skies and temperatures in the 40's. as we head into the 3:00 hour it will be a little bit cooler. we probably will have some more breaks of sunshine is still in the '60s. we will take a look at the weekend. rorer or >>catherine: the woman--the u.s. could begin peace talks with afghanistan. the talent and said they would open a political office for neutral
5:38 pm
ground will allow the talks to happen without the interference of the current afghan regime. the afghan president said the talks could do lead to the bloody end of the conflict by the bombs were left outside the home of security and government officials today. nine people were injured. reviling has dropped in iraq in recent years but attacks against british forces remain a common occurrence wildfires have spread to more and 90 square miles. firefighters battled 40 separate fire and on tuesday. the fires that killed one man destroyed more than 100 homes and burned a multimillion-dollar paper milk. chile is normally very rainy this time of year but they're hoping with severe heat-- they are coping with severe heat and a drought. and looking at the bay bridge toll plaza, the traffic easy on the left-hand side is moving fairly well. it is not bad on the james lick,
5:39 pm
although it is very slow moving on the lower deck of the bay bridge, stay with us more news is coming up.
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>> so today we're up over all. corporate--it will be about to let the% if things stay as is, they will not stay as is the it was a nice day. there was a problem in italy with the banks today. there were some things that we had to digest. we said we really did not like that data. >>catherine: and kodak is a loser? >> yes, every time i say c rockheese --every time i say cheese, i think of colette camera. but no one
5:44 pm
is purchasing fail. they are trying to sell patents. and they basically said if we do not sell them we are not looking too good. they have not filed for bankruptcy but this is a great old american company and is kind of sad to see that the day has come. we think of the olympics we think kodak film. there things that i associate strongly with. digital cameras and kama phones killed them. >>catherine: now you say netflix is up, it is a winner. >> yes. last year it was a huge loser, ultimately what they say is that we have watched 2 billion hours of content in the last three months on netflix. 2 billion hours that is within united states, to this 15th most successful network. they
5:45 pm
have some good things coming as well. they have the house of cards. think of this if we are paying the monthly, we pay hbo monthly to create content and manage what we see that is how you have to think of netflix. you cannot think of them as a dvd company you have to think of them as a television network. >>catherine: a loser, the huge and very expensive disasters of the past year. >> yes, these disasters were real and that makes the unfortunate. there were big economic losses. we had $380 billion in natural catastrophes last year. 261 billion with the previous record. 380 billion that is the third of a trillion dollars. clearly japan was a big windfall by thailand. so think insurance companies. if you see that they can cover a third of a trillion dollars in damages and they're still in business, i
5:46 pm
want investors to own insurance companies. >>catherine: thank you, see you tomorrow. >>jacqueline: i it certainly was warmer out there today as we can tomorrow it will stay mild, but not as warm as we saw this afternoon. the cloud coverage will stick with us into tomorrow. that will keep temperatures more mild in the morning in cooler into the afternoon. temperatures tomorrow afternoon was still looking good, we're in the 60 for the most part but not in the upper 60s like we saw today. here is a look at the satellite and radar pictures. this is the storm pushing into the north. right now we see some cloud coverage coming up from the south into the bay area. it is a combination of those two things that are keeping us in a little bit warmer overnight and cooler into our afternoon. now we have very mild conditions for tomorrow morning and a couple degrees cooler and a number of spots. we are widespread in the 40's to start the day it into the
5:47 pm
afternoon the temperatures are reaching the '60s again. the future forecast puts a temperatures as 70 degrees. now take a look at my projections, 64 in san jose, 64 los gatos and nearing 70 degrees in morgan hill. i think will be about 60 degrees tomorrow in fairfield. 60 for the north bay, 65 in napa, and 58 in san francisco. as you just saw, dry conditions are sticking with us. we are getting cloud covered with all the rain stay up to the north. it has been very dry so far as this in this last month of december. the conditions are the second driest on record. and in what we should begin several inches, up to 6 in. but and santa rosa it did not come anywhere near that. there is no rain for the extended forecast. take a look at the dry and mild conditions to round up the work week. a little cloud coverage but no rain. as we head into the
5:48 pm
weekend sunny skies will prevail. we warm up by sunday and stay dry and mild to next week as well. there is a hint of a break through as we head into next week. we will keep you posted. >>kimberlee: erica are raucous reflect a loss of the right to the commercial field. att
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galactic is launching a series of flight this will cost about $270,000. in the seat passengers will be launched to just above the boundary between north and space her during that time people will be able to move around the cabin during somersaults and take a picture with the currently and background. critics the pins will spend three days here in new mexico at the virgin mobile to limit the scope they will train and relax. two other companies are taking reservations for space travel. start saving your money now and build your trip. stay with us, more news straight ahead.
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6:00 p.m. child porn arrest in san jose. police arrest four men with disturbing
5:57 pm
images of young children. a nine year old man armed and ready to fire. and the bizarre behavior that has scientists puzzle. >>jacqueline: a live look outside from our roof camera, downtown san francisco has clear skies. you have details on that in your weekend ahead.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
>>catherine: and 90 year-old man is armed and ready to protect his home we are live with what happened when he came face-to-face with a burglar and what is happening to honeybees that has been dropping like flies. [music] >>catherine: are big story at 6:00 p.m. four men were arrested in san jose all are accused of possessing
6:00 pm
disturbing pornographic images of little children. police tell dan kerman how they track down >>reporter: these four men were arrested on wednesday for possession of child pornography. in one was also arrested for distribution. >> we focused on child porn on children better 3, 4, and five years old having sex with adults. once we figure out who those people are we then go after them. >>reporter: officers say similar sweeps have been made in oakland, moderate and sonoma. >>reporter: want what we go on the internet like anyone else using a modified version of the same software and we essentially ask them for some child pornography and they deliver it to us via the internet. once we get that down we are able to take that evidence to a church and get a search
6:01 pm
warrants.--mr. to a judge in a search warrant. >>reporter: the three distribution of its could lead to one to three years in prison. rob >> these people do not know that we are coming in the do not want to know that we are coming.. >>reporter: from the task force says the sweeps in different cities will become a routine with a handful arrest each week. her >>catherine: we have new details in the case of a local school custodian accused of molesting young boys. john after is still in custody he is scheduled to be arraigned tomorrow. investigators say that a second victim was molested in san francisco from 1995 to 2003. he was a substitute custodian at the mount diablo unified school
6:02 pm
district. school officials say that his background check shows no criminal history. resume in a swap >> it is tragic i have the children in this will do it myself and nothing in texas more than when a trusted adult takes advantage of a child. we had no knowledge of anything of that nature of or any law enforcement. >>catherine: he work with the victim for--he worked with the district for 10 years. now a shooting left the victim and the suspect in the hospital. police say the suspect tried to break into the man's home. teresa estacio joins us live. >>reporter: it all took place in the second story on the screen behind you. and, you can see that the police are still out you're going through the home to gather evidence. please tell kron4 news that they receive a 91 call this morning around a
6:03 pm
11:00 a.m. from the victim's telling them that led been shot. when they arrive, they found 90 year-old jay leon, and they see as they pieced together this crime, it all started when the 30 year-old suspects broke into the victim's home. >> the subject live at the house was home, he was home alone with his door was kicked open. the suspect entered and basically took him captive. and when the victim at one point was able to arm himself with a firearm she does and she suspect three times, as well. in the suspect had his own firearm he was able to shoot the victim one time. both of them are at the hospital recovering. from what i understand they're both in stable condition i believe was a complete stranger entering the house to commit a residential burglary and he got surprised that someone was
6:04 pm
>>reporter: leon rents out the bottom part of his home, his tenet spoke with us about hearing the gun shots and then she went to find out what was going on. >> he always told me that if something from was hacked inland what do not worry, i have begun, actor and he said i was the this sniper and i am good person and not worry about it. i said ok. what can i do, i mean ok he is 90 years old. but and i am hoping that he is in good condition. this month one and i am the king that he is smiling and he is proud of himself and it definitely should be. ms. newman is in fact, war with he was again a war, he was a fighter of rest of the firm and he always tells me all of these is a hero stories. i am from israel. i am used all of this heroism and i am proud of him i am definitely
6:05 pm
out of him. how >>reporter: according to the tenet he served in world war two as an air force pilot and who kept weapons inside the house never the that you actually have the use them. that is certainly the case out here in green beret as you can see in the live picture that we are showing you right out. the investigators are still out area, they try to get to search warrant, one for the suspect's car and an end to the onslaught of the home and then end of a search warrant to go home to the users back home, released the suspect of able to grab some items from the home and they want to make sure that they are and thorough in this investigation so that they can't prosecute the person according. ran for supporting light i and teresa estacio appear to circle, >>catherine: take you teresa.--and thank you to resell. now this the east side of the clip that was
6:06 pm
lit up overnight dozens of officers have been out there looking for a man about 11:00 a.m., many people were told to pull back and move out. he is considered too risky for police to go in after the man because of the rush and they are not sure that it is worth it they cannot believe he is armed. we explain what led to the standoff. >>reporter: if it all started at 5:30 p.m. tuesday night. it is located on the edge of telegraph will relieve him room warmer >> this one was home she heard a noise coming from another apartment. crew crucial notified her manager, and the manager came out with a keen, what he is walking to the apartment is also one that was possible to be in the apartment and out of the doors. >>reporter: and the manager chased the suspect. it curved hot officer is a man of the suspect who near this debt and. john deere, the man john this railing and went over the hit--and went
6:07 pm
over the san squeak out with this task was to date harassment officers to call. the recruiter korn will >>catherine: tim donnelly was cited today for trying to bring jews power and a loaded handgun or onto a flight. that is the attempted kidnapping that is not donnelly. but he said he is starting. a crime stoppers is offering $2,500 and this is where the sketch, then helping to identify this man was wanted for attempted kidnapping. police say just afternoon, the day after christmas to try to lure a nine year old boy into his car using panty the boy was playing outside near shepherd canyon road. he ran away and told his parents the police to believe this is an isolated incident. perhaps work
6:08 pm
>>catherine: robert burke of crude oil leaked year in early november cruise's then one month cleaning it up. on the new they say they're trying to deal with this and health officials say that the oil is not hazardous. it is normally a winter wonderland in the sierra club not this year. jeff bush went to the mountains and he shows us the conditions. >>reporter: sunshine in disguise not resemble whether in these little apparent is land is often grow as an over but this year is not clear yet the fact there is real and rumored that is--but there is little that is frozen. it conditions here are my ideal. it is beautiful for sure, but those that make their living off of the snow are hoping that a storm will come through so they can make some money this season
6:09 pm
this place is so dry that the truck and drive along with no problem. it is like a ghost town in the mounds. the weather is so warm and so dry that caltrans has run work crews doing road repair. that is usually reserved for the summertime month, that is what it feels like up here. most of the trees are without snow. often the distance of some snow can be seen on the shady part of the mound. locals cannot remember the last time that it was this dry in january but they do wish that something would change. >>jacqueline: high temperatures today are a lot warmer than what we saw yesterday. we have upper 60s in san francisco. it will cool down a little bit as we head into tomorrow. i will have details coming up.
6:10 pm
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>>catherine: a biology professor has found a parasite that is making honey bees at like zombies. we talked with him today about the discovery. >>reporter: biology professor for san francisco state says several months ago he found dead bees on the ground underneath a light outside his office building upon closer inspection he notice that the insects were effected by a tiny parasitic fly that is no--normally only associated with bees and wasps. once infected and adobe will begin to act strangely he said behavior is almost like a zombie it. the insects will fly with from the colonies at night gather near bright lights and eventually die. working with his students and fellow professors they say they have found a fly in the colonies all across the bay
6:14 pm
area and they're just now starting to example-- examined samples from other states. >> i have gone positive hits from south dakota and bakersfield we know that this is not just san francisco or the bay area. >>reporter: the professor is skeptical of whether or not this is the culprit responsible for killing off the colony's world wide. >> it is rare that there is one single answer to things like this. i think is probably a complex web of things that we are dealing with. report >>reporter: he also says at this point they do not know how the parasite is spreading or how to stop it. >> to work in that direction we will have to know more about the sequence of to see if we can find a weak point. >>jacqueline: temperatures were certainly warmer out there today in the upper 60s in a number of places. we
6:15 pm
had 69 degrees in mount you in livermore the same in oakland. temperatures brought up several degrees than what we saw yesterday especially for our bayshores. of course without that fog in place and sunny skies overhead it would want a lot more to buy grid with city, mountain view and san jose. right now temperatures are kamal for the most part. it is cynical--it is still 63 in san francisco. cloud coverage will help to keep as a little bit more mild overnight. we have a few areas of fog and for tomorrow afternoon we have partly cloudy skies it will keep us a little bit cooler into the afternoon. we have dry and mild conditions all the way through next week. here's a look at our satellite and radar pictures. this is really the story all along. everything
6:16 pm
between seattle and portland, we are getting just cloud coverage at best. we have some clouds moving up from the south, the combination of those two are keeping us warmer tonight and cooler into tomorrow afternoon. here is a look at our morning lows as you head out the door. >>jacqueline: temperatures are rebound in in the afternoon into the '60s. we have 64 in san jose, 65 in mountain view, 61 and oakland, 65 livermore and 67 in antioch. here is a look at your kron4 seven day around the day forecast. through the weekend and to most of next week, you'll see a little bit of cloud coverage coming and going. temperatures will cool down little bit as a result. we
6:17 pm
will stay dry and sunny to start next week but it there is a hint of a breakthrough. impossible rain we will keep you posted. >>catherine: now to aftermath of the iowa caucus, mit romney won by a here and michelle balked and is out of the running and other republican candidates are setting their sights on new hampshire are. sandra has a look on where the race stands. >>reporter: the gop primary field is narrowing. then a sixth place finisher michelle bachman the minnesota congresswoman with a tea party favor early on. she was ahead in the polls in the beginning of this contest but in iowa, garnered only 5 percent of the vote. >> last that the people i was spoke with a very clear voice and so, i have decided to stand aside. >>reporter: it was an
6:18 pm
exciting race to the finisher. in little over a handful of all that separated mit romney and rick santorum. it wasn't unexpected razor thin margin with rick santorum in joining a last-minute surge of support from evangelicals. now it is on to have shot. and ronnie is banking on support from the former gop credentials candidate john mccain. >> i am proud to be here with santa john mccain. >> i am here for one reason only that is to make sure that we make mit romney the next president of the united states of america. >>reporter: rick sent from set includes looking for to a rematch in just a matter of days a. >>reporter: as for the rest of the pack, ron hall came in third followed by newt gingrich and rick perry. coming in seventh, jon huntsman, jr who skipped iowa to focus on the hampshire.
6:19 pm
>>catherine: president obama is bypassing congress and made an announcement today in her to appoint his new consumer watchdog. republican leaders are calling this an arrogant move by the president. >> the only reason republicans and the senate's have blocked this because they do not agree with the law that is set up for the consumer watchdog in the first place. they want to weaken the law and order it down. republican >>reporter: did block the confirmation by the senate last month they claim that the rejection had nothing to do the nominee but instead how the bureau will be rent. stay with us, more news after the break.
6:20 pm
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>>kimberlee: this security vendor is reporting a new on-line banking attack that has hit several account all the holidays is designed for
6:23 pm
taking your money and then stopping you for figuring out if you have been hacked. basically they are taking control of your online baking experience. they may action to enter personal information on a false page and actual--and after the actual theft after they had taken the money, it manipulates what you can see by putting up a false screen hiding the fraudulent transactions. as a result you have no i did your accounts were taken over and that your money is gone. if you have not gone paperless, you will eventually see those statements in your mail, but by hiding online they have bought themselves a little extra time to stay safe make sure that your browser is up to date. make sure that you install anti fishing protection and now will be a good time to make sure that it is working. stay with us, more news straight ahead. movement @p@@@
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>>catherine: and a funeral is prepared for gabriel
6:27 pm
martinez jr., kron4 talked with community leaders that say police are not doing enough. now we take a closer look at the sports ceo.
6:28 pm
6:29 pm
>>reporter: here in marin county gunfire erupted at this home in green bay. police say around 11:00 a.m. they receive a 911 call from the owner of the home. her the victim says that in the morning a suspect in his door and he tried to run. that is when the police say the victims shot the suspect took three different times and the suspect returned fire shooting the victim in the face. in ran county i am teresa estacio with kron4 news. >>reporter: here in san jose police have arrested four
6:30 pm
men for possession of child pornography. this was the latest in a series of bus by the internet crime children's task force. it began several months ago. >>reporter: the task force says that this will not be the routines in selecting a specific city and making a handful of arrested between. in san jose i'm dan curtain with kron4 news. >>reporter: in martinez demand as her accused of killing into her voice is scheduled to be in court thursday afternoon. the attack was the john after is a magellan 71 take the alleged victim was a marriage who threatened selective in may. the second victims was molested at 862 during 1995 and 1912 cannot decree. as he was a substitute custodian for seven years at the mont diablo school district.
6:31 pm
>>reporter: here in east oakland has been several days since the shooting of five bureau gabriel martinez. although oakland police say they have beefed up their patrolling in the area people that live here say they have not seen any additional cops on the street. >> things have not been the change we just see a lot of shooting. >> and this area here, people really protect themselves they do not in-- they do not depend on anything else. >>reporter: in san francisco the police took off with a burglary suspect before the operation scale back after 18 hours. a police negotiator may contact the suspect several times to declined any help to get down. a small contingent of officers are staking out the area in case the man climbs down. >>reporter: , it is like a ghost town of here in recent
6:32 pm
data. the warm weather and a lack of snow had made hindquarters sports less available. through they're hoping for a late winter storm to blow through here and it is the rental shops are in, hotels are vacant and the cabins are close up. >>reporter: here in san francisco a biology professor at san francisco state may have found a clue why the colonies have been disappearing across the country. he has discovered a parasite that affect honeybees and makes them behave like zombies. the affected be abandoned their colonies, they move in erratic ways and are drawn toward the white light before dying. researchers say this appears to be widespread especially here in california and so far they're not sure how to stop it. >>reporter: the reward promised in the return of
6:33 pm
the squirrel monkey from san francisco zoo is not being handed out yet. a man walking his dog claims that he found a monkey. the zoo offered a $5,000 award but so far no one is getting it police say any time there is a reward is not a good idea to just hand over the cash. >> you want to make sure that you have explored all the avenues of the case, you have asked all the important questions and you have is conducted of your interviews. and this particular case, they're waiting for us to conduct our interview to make sure we have done a thorough report before they want to hand over the reward. >>catherine: the zoo veterinarian said that the monkeys in good shape but they are keeping an eye on him in isolation for a while as a precaution. >>catherine: the irs announced that is pushing back the deadline from april 15th to the 17th because the 15th falls on a sunday and the following the emancipation day that is a holiday observed in the
6:34 pm
district of columbia. tax payers that won an extension will have until october 15th to file. >>jacqueline: mostly sunny skies this afternoon we have some cloud coverage moving in this evening that will continue to stream through until tomorrow. we have partly cloudy skies and mild temperatures. into the afternoon we are dealing with some cloud coverage but by 3:00 p.m. with sewage--we should see a decrease in clouds. here is a look at the temperatures as you head out the door. will be a little bit warmer with cloud coverage. 47 in oakland, 44 in concord, 43 in livermore and 47 in mountain view. as we head into the afternoon, clouds are hindering the warming trend is just a little bit. here is a look
6:35 pm
at your satellite and radar pictures. the storm is moving through to the north. the tail end of the system will slide past us tomorrow. we are not getting any rain, just cloud coverage. taking the to the rainfall total so far. just over 3 in. in san francisco and the same thing in oakland. the temperatures are well below average for this time of year. we are only 31 percent of where we should be. it does not look like we have any relief in store at least not for the extended forecast. we have dry conditions for the rest of the week. there is a the end of a breakthrough as we head into next weekend. we will keep you posted. >>stanley: there have been so many pedestrian and bicycle collations at this
6:36 pm
intersection that the city has not install this brand new red light camera system that will target specific violators. it is drivers that ignore the basic rules of the road. it has to do with this ran left turn arrow. tonight at 8:00 p.m. i will show you just what is going on and how many red light runners they caught in just a few hours in the next edition of people behaving badly. >>kimberlee: i and kimberlee sakamoto here with your tech talk headlines, yahoo has a new ceo his name is scott thompson the former president of paypal. he will help the company that struggles to stay afloat. it has lost ground in advertising in four months ago they fired carol bart as ceo and several groups of shareholders have called for the sale of the company in recent months. google is giving itself the equivalent of 100 lashes by downgrading google chrome
6:37 pm
for the next 60 days it will not rank in the top results. this is due to the pain the loggers to right post promoting crone. and there is a new report saying that the company is gunning for beyond 40 in. recent reports claim that 32 and 37 in. tvs are being prepared for the summer between 12 launch. stay with us, more news after this break miriam
6:38 pm
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>>catherine: and her actor nick canada is in a hospital after suffering a minor could mean a million than
6:41 pm
seven of his life, corrigan and how she multifold go of the kurds would b
6:42 pm
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mariah carey says her husband nick cannon had kidney failure. >> the photo from inside the hospital room and what nick told me, the real story behind his health crisis. i'm kevin frazier. >> and i'm brooke anderson. >> announcer: "the insider" is on. lying in a hospital bed with his wife by his side. >> what i learned mariah's husband really suffering from after she claimed kidney failure. >> demi moore's all-new interview, what she's only now saying about love after ashton. >> new russell brand and the headline. katy perry married to a crazy man. the scathing news cover story about sex, fights and secrets. >> he expected sex up to five times a day. then -- >> i know there are going to be a lot of attacks coming my way. >> after mitt's extremely close


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